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Ease The Day prefers to keep to the coordinating side of events. However,
Planning and Coordinating can become one, depending upon the needs of the client. I try to anticipate and accommodate the visions of the client and help them prepare for a successful event. This may just be in the form of asking the right questions, making sure they have thought of “everything”. Or, it may be in the form of adding services, such as booking certain vendors and including those services on the invoice from me.

First and foremost, I approach every event individually! Special moments come in all shapes and sizes, so listening to the client is key! Whether it’s a weekly classroom-style business meeting, a life-changing sales presentation to 200 guests, a one-year-old’s birthday, or a wedding which has been long in coming, taking time to make the client feel at ease is the first step to a successful event journey! Each client has an opinion and they want to be heard.

Basic Duties and responsibilities:
● Establish and maintain relationships with vendors and venues
● Take an active part in planning event details and aspects, including timelines, seating, dining, and guests
● Finalize all payments on time, ensuring the budget is followed
● Manage events by carrying out established plan and addressing potential problems that may arise
● Anticipate potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event
● Maintain a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events. Not all events are created equal!


Focusing on client event needs keeps me from charging one flat fee for every event. During our initial meeting, we will discuss how I can help to ease the day and I will provide you with a quote for those services. I am able to add services if the need arises. Flexibility is my middle name!

Wedding Coordination starts at $850

Business Event starts at $85

Basic hourly needs starting at $20/ hour

Robin Willis

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